LEW Certification

We provide WSH Safety-approved LEW Certification of Electrical Tools & Equipment such as Drills, Grinders, Extension Wires, Saws, Welding Invertors, SOA/ DB/ Main Boards, Generators, etc.


Our EMA-recognised Certification comes with LEW-endorsed Checklists & Colour-coded Stickers for monthly use at construction sites, workshops, etc.


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Submission to EMA

We are authorised to Apply & Renew EMA Licences for Electrical Installations (Commercial), and Supply Installations (Generator). 


Our one-stop service includes LEW-endorsed Certificates of Compliance, Technical Reports, EIR2 Reports & Single Line Drawings (up to Professional Engineer level).  


Leave it to us to settle the complicated technical details.  


We can custom design and fabricate your SOA Panels, Distribution Boards (DB) or Main Boards at affordable rates.


Rest assure that all our boards and fittings are WSH Safety-approved with LEW-endorsed Single Line Drawings, and other necessary documents.


We give you peace of mind and safeguard your workers' lives.

Customised DBs

TAY ELECTRIC can advise, source and supervise solutions to your all electrical issues in Industrial and Commercial Premises, including the following: 


  • Earth Resistance Measurements with LEW-endorsed Test Reports (with or without Earthing Works).

  • Lightning Protection System Installations, Layout Drawings with LEW-endorsed Test Reports.

  • Electrical Works/ Wiring at various venues, eg. Office, Workshop, Dormitory, etc.

  • Sale of Industrial Cables, Plugs, Sockets, SOA Boards, MCB, RCCB, ELCB, etc. (categorised as Electrical Accessories/ Fittings).

  • Electricity Meter Installation, and many more Electricity-related Services.

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